Why Manage Fatigue when You can Prevent it?

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About The Wide Awake App

We are excited to announce the pending release of the Wide Awake Smart Phone App later this year.

Wide Awake is a broad-based Wellness oriented Fatigue Prevention program. The aim is to deliver useful, inspiring and attitude changing education into a workforce that can also be taken into the home, to increase levels of general wellness, reduce injury and illness risk and overall improve the culture and productivity within a business to enhance is profitability.

The program uses Audio CD’s and 4-page colour mini magazines as the preferred modes of education delivery. These physical items can be handled by the worker, have a high level of tangibility for the company and they can easily be taken home and shared with the family.

The program comes in 6 modules. Each module comprises a CD containing between 45 and 60 minutes of audio material, broken down into multiple tracks, and two, 4-page mini magazines containing articles, stories, product reviews and tips. These magazines are an educational progression from the CD.

Workers receive a new distribution every 2 to 4 weeks. This allows the program to be spread out over as much as six months, giving a longer time for assimilation of learning, personal experimentation and sharing.

Program Assessment:

Assessment of any Education program can be difficult and can also be time consuming. Analysis of factors like changing rates of absenteeism, reduced injury claims, reduced sick leave, reduced staff turnover and subjective analysis of things like job satisfaction and presenteeism can all be done. But they take time and concerted effort, and may or may not be representative purely of the impact of a Wellness Program.

We have considered for some time how we might be able to create an assessment module for the Wide Awake program. We considered an assessment option on our website, but would employees take the time to deliberately sit at their computer and actually complete the assessment?

The Wide Awake App:

Whilst we resisted “going digital” for some time, it now appears there may well be some advantages. One of the significant goals of the Physically Published program was that it could be carried home and shared with family and would create a presence in the home.

However, there is also a new generation coming through who demand digital. Further, there are some program advantages available when the App is available on a smart phone. These advantages include:

  • Easy access to all audio tracks and articles
  • A graduated course that takes the user through the program
  • An assessment module that users can complete at the end of each learning module
  • Ongoing information updates that extend beyond the current bounds of the program
  • Access to streaming video for things like Kombucha Brewing, recipes, exercise techniques and other helpful guides
  • Connection to additional helpful content

The Assessment Module is exciting. At the end of each of the current 6 Wide Awake Modules, the user will be prompted to complete quiz, using True False and Multi Choice options. Once complete, if wrong answers have been given, the user will be linked back to the audio track or article that contained the information being referred to. They can then re-do the quiz if they please.

At the end of the month, a report will go back to the nominated person at the company to give data about how many completed the quiz and what their average score was. It will not provide individual names.

The App will recognise who has not completed the quiz and prompt them accordingly.

App Pricing:

The App will sell through iTunes for approximately $28-$30 per person. Individuals will be able to purchase it online as they choose. If they wish to also receive the physical modules, they can do for an additional $15.00.

Please let us know if you would be interested in hearing when the App becomes available.