Why Manage Fatigue when You can Prevent it?

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Fatigue, like any other affliction affecting the human body, can be prevented. All of the answers are available in the study of physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, psychology, self management, habits, lifestyles and mindsets. When the primary causes of fatigue can be clearly understood, they can be taught to employees, along with the strategies required to prevent their onset. This empowers the employee to higher levels of self care, and places more personal responsibility in their own individual universe.From this perspective, when a fatigue related incident occurs, the employee can be supported to track back to the point where they either made a poor choice or dropped responsibility for something. This is how people really learn from their own errors and improve.

It’s not just about sleep!

If fatigue problems were simply about sleep, for the most part we would not have fatigue related issues. But how often have you, the person reading this post, found yourself yawning uncontrollably at 11:00 am, even after a good night sleep? There is so much more to fatigue than sleep. And this is not to discount the wonderful work that has been done helping us to understand sleep better. However, Professionals who try to convince you that fatigue is about sleep are experts in sleep and not an expert in fatigue and will talk Fatigue Management.

Step Into the Cutting Edge of Science:

There are over 2000 Physical Education Colleges in the world, all researching Human Performance. Many have been doing this research for nearly 100 years. They investigate diet, fitness, training, posture, sleep, psychology, mental wellbeing, sociology, drugs, workloads and a raft of other criteria, all with the intention of having a better understanding of Human Performance.How is a Construction Worker different to an Elite Athlete? They wear different clothes and there might be a difference in the pay packet. However, each needs to perform at the peak of their abilities and capacity to get a job done and maintain the confidence of their employer, whilst doing everything possible to avoid injury.One area that receives a great deal of research attention is fatigue and recovery. Fatigue is an athletes greatest enemy. Learning how to train and play hard, without stepping too far across the fatigue line is a learned skill and crucial to effective self management.

Physical Education Professionals who specialise in High Performance, have incredible expertise in the area of Fatigue Management and Fatigue Prevention. With my background as a Conditioning Coach in Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Cycling, Weight Lifting and Triathlon, I understand the subject from a deeply scientific perspective.  A Human Performance Professional will always talk Fatigue Prevention.

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